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Tintes Pelo : 颜色 è 头发的东西,或迟或早会影响所有的妇女,︰ 有一些人想要改变他们的神色被讲究颜色和那些使用的颜色覆盖的白头发。今天有很多头发染色产品可用在市场中,用不同的配料和具有鲜明特色。通常颜色没有氨和来在一系列的颜色,因为涤沦宽,适合所有的需要甚至为男性。这里有一些有价值的提示,以避免犯失礼,当你决定要改变你头发的颜色。首先,避免漂白的继承,因为它是 é 毁了头发,在长期的过程。当你使用天然色素亨 é 时,做到只当你确定的结果。另一种产品出现故障时盖这染色可能不一。如果 è 你改变你头发的颜色,第一次做它逐渐︰ 不选择一种颜色太具攻击性或完全不同于你基地的颜色,你需要时间去适应新的期待。 

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Gossip & News

19 Jun 19

Luc Vincent, Sophie Tessier La Rousse, Stephane Scotto Di Cesare


Ph: Alain Comtois
Make-up: Vanessa Ortiz
Stylist: Anne Sophie Gadbois


19 Jun 19

Jonny Engstrom


Collection: Redux


18 Jun 19

Laurent Decreton


In his Blossom collection the hairstylist fuses street hairstyles with the Paris runway looks. Choppy bobs, Japanese braiding techniques and the cool-girl curly hairstyles. Blossom is a hair story with a fresh modern feel, the hair literally blossoms on each picture. Inspired by what Laurent sees on the streets during his many travels he has effortless translated all influences such as unique colors, textures and movement into this collection. The hair colors of this Blossom collection are as bold as the used haircuts. Fiery red is the the trend color for this spring/summer, combined with a bob cut or a mid-length haircut the color really blossoms. For the guys the grunge street style with medium to long hair has been upgraded with a slick touch.

Collection: Blossom
Ph: Giel Domen
Make-up: Natacha Maillard
Stylist: Lieve Gerrits


18 Jun 19

Adria Regadera, Víctor Gutierrez, Adolfo Vicente and David Fernandez


Lives that cross at one point, the crossroads of the hair salon. A point of confluence where people from all backgrounds and styles leave feeling happier than when they first entered.

Collection: Lives
Ph: Javier Avila
Make-up: Rodelas
Art Director: David Rodelas


17 Jun 19


MATRIX (brand americano di prodotti professionali per capelli
di proprietà di L'Oreal) sarà partner ufficiale
di MILANO PRIDE 2019 con la linea
di trattamenti e styling per capelli Total Results.

La MILANO PRIDE celebra le diversità in tutte le sue forme,
non solo quelle legate all'orientamento sessuale.

La MILANO PRIDE 2019 durerà una settimana
dal 21 al 29 Giugno.

Il connubio con il brand Matrix Total Results nasce dalla condivisione
di valori come l'inclusività, la libertà e l'uguaglianza.

Durante la Pride Week, MATRIX sarà presente in Piazza Oberdan 
con un "Pride Hair Bar" dove gli HAIRSTYLIST offriranno servizi
di blow-dry e piega express.

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